How To Update Your Backyard On A Budget

With Summer comes backyard bbq season–is yours ready? These days you can’t rely on just a grill and a few folding chairs to give you and your guests the best cookout experiences. You could spend a fortune on all kinds of renovations and additions to your backyard space, or you could take some tips from this article and transform your backyard space on a budget. If you take our advice, you’re bound to save a ton of money (that you can then spend on choice cut steaks and a couple nice bottles of wine.) Whether your space includes a huge pool and a brick oven grill in an outdoor kitchen, or your space is small but charming–these tips will help you create the right atmosphere for entertaining in your own backyard!

Consider expanding your patio area. Most patios are entirely too small. If spending time outdoors with your friends and family is something you enjoy and value, then investing in a larger patio area can help make your backyard the center of your family’s time together. Materials used in patio expansions can include concrete, flagstone, or concrete pavers. Depending on your budget–you can find supplies at any local home and garden retail store.

Another way to (literally) brighten up your backyard entertaining area is to add an outdoor lighting feature. The right lighting can add ambience and highlight a home’s landscape–including special trees and shrubbery, walkways and porches, pools and flower gardens. “Nightscaping” makes gathering spaces safer and more enjoyable for parties in the backyard. If you have a large amount of money put back for this project, you can hire a professional outdoor designer to come in and cultivate the perfect aesthetic and atmosphere. But if you’re on a budget, there are a bevy of DIY video tutorials available online–check Youtube for inspiration and ideas. You can also shop for lighting fixtures from online retailers like Lakeside Collection.

Adding a fire feature like a fire pit or brick or stone grill can make your space even more usable by expanding the number of seasons you can enjoy it. There’s nothing like a roaring fire on a cool fall night with your loved ones surrounding you. There are portable fire pits for yards that don’t offer a lot of extra space–but there are also plenty of DIY fire pit building video tutorials available online.

If you follow these simple suggestions, you’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable it can be to completely transform your backyard to make it perfect for all types of parties, family gatherings, and community functions.

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