Have A Pool at Your Place – Checkout the Benefits of Fencing a Pool

Installing a pool at home is one the many dreams a family possess. The pool gives your family a great time to spend together and have fun.  Once you install the pool at your residence, the most important aspect of concern is the safety of family members.

If you have pets and kids in your family, the safety of such family members is of utmost importance. The most common type of accident happening around any pool is drowning. Other than pets and kids, there are many family members or even the guests at your home who do not know how to swim can be at risk. Therefore, pool fencing is the best option to protect people from any accidents around the pool.

Benefits of fencing around the pools

  • The children between the age of 1 – 5 years are prone to accidents in the pool because they do not know about the consequences. So, having a fence around the pool will save your children from any mishap.
  • Second and most important creatures are your pets. Be it a dog or a cat or any other animal, the fencing will definitely save your pet from any accidents.
  • Having a fence around the pool will also give a beautiful look to your house. It looks very organized to have a fence on the pool.
  • Lastly, if you are hosting any party or function at your house, you will not need to pay attention to each and everyone. If your pool is properly fenced, you can enjoy being a host without any tension.


It is said that precaution is better than cure. So, you must follow some precautionary steps to avoid accidents –

  • The fencing of the pool should be of minimum 4 feet high.
  • Make sure that you install self closing
  • The gates of the fence should be installed on the shallow side of the pool.
  • The latches of the gate should be on the inner side of the pool so that no children can open it without any supervision.
  • There should not be any gap between two panels of the fencing and also below the fencing.
  • The fencing of the pool should be strong enough to bear heavy weights.

Other considerations

When the children play in a pool, generally they do so under the supervision of their parents, but even this might not be able to save your child from accidents because till someone takes action, the mishap would have already occurred. Even if anyone is drowning in the water, people cannot hear the voice of the drowning person. So, keeping a pool without fence could cause serious injuries and even death.

There are many laws made which might differ from country to country regarding the pools at the residential buildings.  So, properly read about such laws applicable as per your country and make the fence accordingly. Taking proper precautions will never give a chance for any accidents and you will always enjoy your time at the pool.

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