Custom Storage Solutions Using Magnetic Knife Strips

A magnetic knife rack can help you protect and organize your kitchen knives. But magnetic knife strips aren’t just for knives anymore. Here are a few ways to customize your storage solutions both in and out of the kitchen with magnetic racks.

Storing Knives

Good kitchen knives are a great investment, but you need to take care of them. Don’t throw them in a catch-all drawer with other kitchen utensils. If a guest or a child is fishing around for the gravy spoon or the cookie cutters, a social dinner or Saturday afternoon bake-off can end in a trip to the emergency room. Storing your knives on a magnetic strip can help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the kitchen.

It’s best to keep your kitchen knives out of your drawers entirely unless you have a dedicated storage system in your kitchen drawers. Other knives, and all the other stuff rattling around in your utensil drawer, can dull sharp edges more quickly. Some damage, like nicks in the blade, can shorten the lifespan of your knives.

Don’t forget that kids are fascinated by magnets and might be tempted by the sight of your knives defying gravity. Forestall any dangerous science experiments by mounting your knives where the little ones can’t get to them.

Other Uses for Magnetic Knife Racks

If the kitchen is the main hub of your home, take advantage of the fact that everything ends up there anyway. Create a dedicated space for all those shopping lists, notes, and car keys. Use a few magnetic hooks or clips to store all the little odds and ends that end up on your kitchen counters.

What about all those food processor attachments? You can’t use all of them at once, and it’s not much fun to go fishing around in the back of a cabinet to find the one you need. Organize your kitchen appliance accessories by storing your blades and attachments on a magnetic knife strip.

You can also organize your herbs and spices with the help of a magnetic knife rack. Mount a magnetic strip on the side of your fridge, inside a cupboard cabinet, or on unused wall space under your cabinets. You’ll need to transfer any spices in plastic containers to jars that are at least partially metal unless you want to attach magnets to the existing containers. Once you do that, your spices will always be within arm’s reach and you can easily find the one you need. Keep in mind that most spices will lose flavor more quickly when exposed to heat and light, so consider this when deciding where to mount your magnetic strips for spice storage.

You can also use magnetic strips in the garage to organize tools. If you sew or do other crafts, you can keep needles, buttons, and other small crafting materials in metal containers that will stick to a magnetic strip on a wall or cabinet. Parents can use metal bins and magnetic hooks, or other containers that you can attach magnets to, to cut down on toy clutter by mounting organizers on a magnetic knife rack.

As you can see, magnets are great for reorganizing your kitchen utensil drawers, but their utility doesn’t stop there. You’re sure to think of plenty of other uses for magnetic strips once you start looking around your home.

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