4 Common Questions AboutJuvederm

The aging process is one of the inescapable facts of life. Whether it’s the sun, gravity, or simply the hormones made inside of your own body, your skin will being to wrinkle and show the signs of age as you grow older. However, that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of options out there to slow the signs of aging on your skin. In years past, Botox injections and plastic surgery have been some of the most popular methods of battling wrinkles. However, with new technological advancements have come newer, less invasive methods of achieving this same goal. Juvederm in West Hollywood is one of these new advancements. If you’ve ever considered undergoing Juvederm in Brentwood, the odds are that you have some questions. Some of the most common questions about this product are:

How is it Different From Other Injections?

Because Juvederm in West Hollywood operates as an injection, many interested parties fail to see differences between this product and others, such as collagen injections.

First and foremost, Juvederm in Brentwood is made with non-animal products, so the chance of an allergic reaction is much lower than when being injected with collagen products. Juvederm is made with a sugar that the human body produces naturally. Furthermore, this new product tends to be a much more long-lasting solution.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Like other cosmetic injections, Juvederm is used in small quantities right beneath the skin. The substance is injected below wrinkles and other imperfections to smooth them out and create a natural-looking smoothness.

While the treatment might not be especially painful, some patient receive a local anesthetic or numbing cream during the procedure to ensure the most comfort possible.

There’s no need to wait around for results – they’ll be evident as soon as the injection treatment is complete.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Having Juvederm in Brentwood is a fairly risk-free experience. On average, the only complication that clients experience is a bit of redness and perhaps swelling at injection sites. However, these are expected to diminish if not entirely disappear within a couple of days. There is no expected downtime after the procedure, so you never have to abandon your busy schedule.

What are the Real Benefits?

The main benefit of this product is getting smoother, younger skin without many of the risks and drawbacks associated with other cosmetic procedures. Juvederm is a natural product, and designed to work better with your body’s existing operations than collagen or other similar products. There’s no need to test for skin sensitivity, and practically anyone is eligible for the simple and easy treatment at any time. Results are immediate, and offer no painful recovery times.

Whether you’re looking for younger, smoother and firmer skin or are simply looking to plump up your lips a little, investing in Juvederm in West Hollywood has some huge benefits that you simply can’t afford to overlook. If you’ve been thinking about getting a cosmetic treatment of any sort, allow yourself to invest in the more natural solution to your beauty needs, and get the treatment you want with as few drawbacks as possible.

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