If you have decided to set up an aquarium at your home, then you can certainly create a good environment in your household. There are many different varieties and colors of fishes available to put in your aquarium.

However, before you set up the aquarium, there are few basic things that you need to know. Without knowing much, there are always chances that your newly acquired fishes may die which may frustrate you.

While setting up an aquarium from any Fish Tank Focus, you need to consider the following things:

  1. Location

The first thing that is important for setting up any aquarium is to look for right location at home, where you must place your aquarium. Following are few things that you need to consider while selecting the location of your aquarium:

  1. Never place the aquarium in such a location where there is a chance of partial or full sunlight falling on it. Sunlight will promote the growth of algae, which is not good for fishes.
  2. Avoid putting aquarium near the air conditioner or a heater. This may affect the water temperature.
  3. You must have a stand which must be strong and sturdy enough to hold the aquarium weight.
  4. Gravel and décor

After you have placed the aquarium on any sturdy stand, you will need to add little substrate, which is gravel. Before adding it, you need to rinse it till it is completely clean.

Avoid using any kind of chemicals or soap to clean it as it can prove to be toxic for fishes. Create a little slope from its back to front which means you will only have thin layer in the front and thick layer at the back.

You must put gravel around 1.5 pounds for every gallon water. That will guarantee that you have sufficient coverage on the floor. Try to fill up tank with water at halfway at room temperature condition. And pour the water gently.

Before adding any décor, thoroughly rinse it. Avoid using any chemicals or soap. Rinse any plants or foliage while placing them. Fill the tank until it is roughly about an inch from its top. Now you can add the filters.

  1. Longevity will be decided by filtration

Filtration is done in three ways – biologically, mechanically and chemically.

Biological filtration will remove by using small creatures which removes the nitrites and ammonia which gets build up in the aquarium. These bacteria will make sure that unwanted pollutants are consumed and convert them into nitrates.

Mechanical filters will use cartridges to trap any solid debris that may be fish waste or any uneaten food.

Chemical filtration will be done by activated charcoal, which is embedded with the mechanical filters.

Besides all the above, quality water heater will be needed to maintain the temperature of water within 76 to 80ᵒF. Certain tropical fish may require different temperatures too. You may need a floating thermometer to keep track of the temperature.

Also, get any water testing kit to keep track of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH levels, for you to know when you need to change water.

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