The bathroom sink ties the whole room together. It’s your salon, spa, and conversation meeting place. When it comes to picking the right sink for your bathroom you may not know where to start. Here are some tips for choosing the right sink for your bathroom.


One way to narrow down your choices is to consider the amount of storage that you need. If you would like some extra storage in the bathroom than a top-mount or under-mount sink would be a good choice for you. This allows you to have the added cabinet space underneath.

A top-mount sink can have a thin or thick edge depending on your preference. The benefit to a top-mount sink is that it is less costly to install in stone countertops than other forms of sinks. The downside is that you can’t wipe liquid or spills on the counter into the sink. An under-mount sink gives a clean and seamless look and less of the sink is visible than with other designs. The downside is that they tend to cost more than top-mounts and are only suitable with solid surface countertops like stone.     


Another thing to consider is the style of the sink. Do you want it to blend in or be a stand out piece? If you want the drama and “look at me” factor than a vessel sink is the choice for you. Vessel sinks are constructed so that the bowl itself sits on top of the counter and is the main focal point. If you choose a vessel sink you will want to work with plumbers in Roswell, GA to make sure the height is right. Since the basins sit above the counter the height of the faucets and counters need to adjust accordingly.

A wall-mounted sink is another attention grabbing design. These free floating sinks are a great way to make a modern statement and save on space. They are best for guest bathrooms and areas where you will not need any counter space.


Pedestal sinks and wall-mounted sinks make rooms appear larger. Vessel sinks are great for larger bathrooms, and all-in-one sinks can save on installation time. Keep in mind that moving existing plumbing lines is extremely costly, so if you are remodeling, you should look for a sink that will work with your existing pipe locations.

No matter which design you choose you should work with experienced plumbers in Roswell, GA to ensure that the sink is installed properly.

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