You must surely visit New-York City’s SPYSCAPE, if you have dreamt of becoming a secret agent. SPYSCAPE is one of the world’s premier learning spot to know about spy history and also check if you have that talent in you to become an undercover operative.

As you enter the SPYSCAPE, you are provided with a special wristband, and you too are considered as a spy. Do you know about this special wristband? This wristband will track and note electronically how you perform at each station, your personality traits by seeing your response to various questions and your overall result of intelligence. All your score will be added and your spy profile is created.

You can be placed as Cryptologist, Agent Handler, Intelligence Analyst, Hacker, Intelligence Special Ops Officer, Operative, Spy catcher, Surveillance Officer, Spymaster or Technical Operation Officer. You must not forget to provide your email ID, as they will email you a complete spy profile based on your performance on the allotted task. Therefore, your wristband must be always on, as it is going to scan all your activities.

SPYSCAPE has involved few real-life spies as well as psychologists for creating various trials, tribulations and profile attributes. Here, you will get a real-life experience both mental as well as physical look about what it really means to become a spy both in modern as well as past era.

Each activity that you have done at the station will test your skills about the following four areas that all great spies must have:

  • Agility
  • Deception
  • Encryption
  • Surveillance

This museum has arrangements to exhibit each activity of different spies. You can see the complete life story of recent counterintelligence agent like Edward Snowden or about mathematical genius called Harold “Doc” Keen, when you go for encryption task. You should not miss the typewriter for encryption which they have kept for open display. You can try writing any message and sending to a friend to check if they can decode it or not. There are few real-life spy-gadgets also to see which includes a private deception room which can test your ability to lie. You can also see various computers and devices to help hackers for breaking into electronics, ways to safeguard from any real-life hacker, and know what kind of cell phone is considered to be the safest of all.

Finally, you will reach the gift-shop. You can find few cool spy gadgets e.g. invisible ink pens and drones are available here, also unique souvenirs like SPYSCAPE kaleidoscope and also “spy Rubix-cube.” Also, if you prefer to take any traditional items like pencils, notebooks T-shirts and hats then you can find those too. You may take some time to check different cool gizmos as they can be helpful for your spy journey when you go outside the museum. Besides the gift shop, while visiting SPYSCAPE you must not miss to check the bookstore, which is in the main-lobby having the titles of James-Bond, what it really is to be part of British-intelligence, secrets of George-Washington, and few workbooks to increase your skills, brain-teasers like sudoku and few other useful brain games which may be useful for your next visit.

Anyone above 8 years can visit this place. Ticket will cost $39 for adult and $32 for children. Though it is not absolutely necessary, it will be better to buy advance tickets so that your entry is assured. You will receive a free-hat for booking 2 weeks in advance. During summer season, adults can have the option of becoming a part of “Missions-and-Martinis” event, by paying $45 dollars every Thursday which starts from 6-10 PM.

Also visit to know more about the museum.

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